E-mail : info@westforthospital.org

Phone : 0487 - 2439101 (10 Lines)
Fax: 0487 - 2380039

Our Departments

Radiodiagnosis & Imaging

We have all ultra-modern diagnostic facilities like:
Ultra-sound LOGI Q with three probes

  • X-Ray and Fluoroscopy Unit – for all conventional and dental X-Rays, Urological and Barium GI special investigations.
  • High Resolution Sonography for small parts like thyroid, breast, testis etc.
  • Endovaginal Gynaec Imaging
  • Portable service in I CU and OT
  • Ultra-sound guided Biopsy and FNAC
  • Ultra-sound guided Aspiration and Drainage
  • Pseudoaneurysm Occlusion
  • Colour Doppler- for obstetric, arterial, venous, lower limps, carotid, abdominal, scrotal and penile vascular studies.
  • Whole Body Spiral C.T Scan- 24 hours- bone mineral densitametry, dexa scan for ostcoporosis assessments
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