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  • Spiral C.T ScannerOpen or Close

    Spiral commuted tomography scanner

    Not just one, but a series of pictures with clarity and precision from within the body of a human being, that’s what the scanner does. Don’t you think it can be of great help for diagnosis as well as for understanding the progress a patient has achieved? We have it and so be sure our Doctors know exactly want they are facing right from the inside and not just from outside hypothetic.

  • B.M.D and X-Ray Machine
    Open or Close

  • Colour Doppler
    Open or Close

  • Ultra Sound ScannerOpen or Close
  • Nuclear SPECT Gamma Camera
    Open or Close

  • CATH LabOpen or Close
  • 3 Chip Camera ( for Laparoscopy)
    Open or Close

  • Surgical MicroscopeOpen or Close
  • DefibrillatorOpen or Close
  • Harmonic ScalpelOpen or Close
  • Surgical DiathermyOpen or Close
  • C ArmOpen or Close
  • Ventilator
    Open or Close

    A medical ventilator (or simply ventilator in context) is a machine designed to mechanically move breathable air into and out of the lungs, to provide the mechanism of breathing for a patient who is physically unable to breathe, or breathing insufficiently

  • Multi-parameter Monitor
    Open or Close

  • T.M.T.MachineOpen or Close
  • Echo Doppler
    Open or Close

  • Auto AnalyzerOpen or Close
  • Electrolytic Auto Analyzer
    Open or Close

  • ELISA Strip ReaderOpen or Close
  • Audiometer
    Open or Close

  • Dialysis Machine
    Open or Close

  • Phototherapy Unit
    Open or Close

  • Radiant WarmerOpen or Close
  • Fetal MonitorOpen or Close
  • Cryo UnitOpen or Close
  • PFT revolutionize health-care zone for easy diagnosis and cure of diseases.Open or Close

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