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Desctruction of Medical Records

Medical RecordsAs per the retention and destruction policy of Medical records we have to discard all files (except MLC & DEATH files) before 2017 July (from 464501 to 475000), if there is no further follow up or admission.
However if a patient is continuing their follw up in our hospital after that retention period such files can be retained and renewed for further period.

Yet Another Proud Moment

dr-julian-johny-thottianYet another proud moment for us to share that Dr. Sangeeta Dassan - Consultant- Obstetrics and Gynaecology , Westfort Hospital Thrissur, Received Membership in Royal College of Obstetricians in and
Gynaecologists (RCOG) London, UK.

Award for the best article

dr-julian-johny-thottianDr. Julian Johny Thottian, Cardiologist working in the Westfort Hospital Group won the Award for the best article in the competition organized by National Indian Heart Journal & A.V. Gandhian organization thereby winning a scholarship for further studies in South Korea.

National Award for Dr. Julian Johny Thottian

dr-julian-johny-thottianThe IHJ – AV Gandhikar Excellence in Cardiology Award was presented to Dr. Julian Johnny Thottian, Cardiologist, Westfort Hospital & Westfort Hi-tech Hospital, Thrissur under the aegis of Cardiological Society of India. The award was presented based on the research paper presented at the Seminar held in Delhi: The Prevalence & Prognostic significance of Left Ventricular Myocardial light Gadolinium enhancement in Aortic Stenosis. The presentation won the 2nd prize at the National level.

For any patient approaching a hospital for his medical problem, the main concern is to obtain a speedy and satisfactory recovery, Westfort Hospital brings to you medical expertise & modern facilities to help you in this..

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