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Our Departments


Our Paediatrics Department is facilitated by the services of well qualified Specialists backed by round-the-clock service of Para-medical Staff. The Department is equipped with Radiant Warmer, Pulse Oximeter, Infusion Pumps, Syringe Pumps etc. to carry out a comprehensive range of procedures like Blood Exchange Transfusion, Peritoneal Taps, Lumbar Puncture, Umbilical Artery Vein Catheterization and Neurological Surgeries.
Our room facility allows the mother to be with the baby all the time. Counseling is also given to the parents at least twice a day.
The Department of Paediatric Surgery includes different areas of Specialties:

  • Paediatric Thoracic Surgery
  • Neonatal Surgery
  • Paediatric Surgical Oncology
  • Laproscopic Surgery
  • Paediatric Urology

The Clinical Service includes General Surgery of kids, assessment and management of swallowing disorders, gastro-esophageal reflux, Hirschprung’ s disease and chronic constipation.

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