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Nuclear Medicine

It is the first Nuclear Medicine Centre in Thrissur District, a leap in Diagnostic Imaging Science for the functional evaluation of various organ systems. The Department is equipped with advanced technologies like Gamma Camera with SPECT imaging. All procedures are very simple and safe. Only a peripheral I.V injection will be enough for the entire scanning procedure.

  • Split Renal function Open or Close

    A study which identifies functional parameters of one kidney with respect to the contralateral kidney

  • Hydronephrosis Evaluation Open or Close
  • Renovascular HypertensionOpen or Close
  • Renal ScarsOpen or Close
  • Renal Transplant EvaluationOpen or Close
  • VUROpen or Close
  • Metastatic Evaluation to Bones
    Open or Close

  • OsteomyelitisOpen or Close
  • Bone ViabilityOpen or Close
  • CAD EvaluationOpen or Close

    Coronary Artery Disease usually found in persons middle aged or older is efficiently diagnosed and effectively treated at our hospital

  • Myocardial Viability Open or Close
  • Need and Evaluation of Cardiac RevascularizationOpen or Close

In addition, Therapeutic Applications for Palliation of Bone Pain in Extensive Skeletal Metastases and Radioiodine Ablative Therapy for Grave Disease, Toxic Adenomas, and Toxic MNGs include in our treatments.

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