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Our Departments


It is manned by a team of efficient and highly qualified Anesthesiologists. The Department provides round – the – clock dedicated service in the fields of clinical anesthesia, post operative analgesia and care, critical care and palliative care. The modern infrastructure facilities like anesthesia machine, medical gas pipe line
system, patient monitors, image intensifier system, operating microscope etc. make the Department in an advantageous position. In addition, the Department is backed by full-time service of clinical laboratory, blood bank, ultra-sound scan, radiography and CT Scan. With these facilities we are capable of managing all types of difficult trauma, laproscopic procedures, joint replacement surgery, renal transplant etc.

  • Pre-anesthetic Assessment Clinic – Patients advised for surgical procedures are routinely seen and assessed in this clinic.
  • Post Operative Care – We routinely provide pain relief to keep patients comfortable in post operative period.
  • Palliative Care – Patients with cancer and other intractable illness are managed by specially trained Doctors of Palliative Unit.
  • Critical Care – The Intensive Care Units are equipped with modern ventilators, monitors and trained Staff which help us to manage critical patients effectively. The Department with its well-qualified Staff and excellent infra-structure facilities is able to manage all types of routine and emergency clinical problems with good safety profile.
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