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Critical Care Units represent the apex of technical advancements in Medicine. Such Units integrate many Specialties and diverse technologies offering the possibility of survival of patients’ life. It is therefore, obvious that the role of Critical Care Services is vital and crucial to a tertiary care hospital, as the Units contribute immensely to acute and critical patients. Creating a Critical Care Unit that meets international standards is a complex process. This is because Critical Care is a specialty that cut across traditional Departmental boundaries typically seen in hospitals and also draws ideas from a wide range of specialties in any hospital including Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery etc.

The Critical Care Unit of Westfort Hospital has already created a benchmark in the treatment of serious patients. It is a 30 bedded Unit with hi-tech monitoring facilities including Ventilators in ICCU, Dialysis and CRRT. It has ICP Monitoring Systems and a team of dedicated Resident Doctors, Nurses, and an Intensivist to bring it at the apex of service sector. Round the clock facilities provided here are blessings to the most critical patients. Neuro Surgery Theatre is equipped with the most modern operative microscope for Micro Neuro Surgery, Brain & Spine Surgery for Brain Tumor, Vascular Lesion, Spine Tumor and Spine Instrumentation.

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