E-mail : info@westforthospital.org

Phone : 0487 - 2439300 (10 Lines)
Fax: 0487 - 2380039


The Department of Dietetics at Westfort Hospital was established to encourage good nutritional practices and standards as an integral part of the health care provided. It is a very patient-centric department contributing to the recovery of health through scientifically prepared diet. This department contributes towards the basic needs for good nutrition for the patient. Our main objective is to provide the highest quality nutrition care and dietetic services. We also work towards advancing practice of clinical nutrition including developing specialist dietetic teams within the department.

Dieticians in the department assess the nutritional status of patients & determine individual nutritional requirements. They formulate a plan of care to meet these nutritional requirements. Education is provided for patients and carers on nutrition support and/or special dietary interventions appropriate to their plan of care.

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